Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Your First Orthodontic Visit

At Medina Orthodontics, we are proud to provide high quality orthodontic treatment in a compassionate and friendly environment.

Your initial consultation is one of the most important appointments you’ll have at our office. Your first visit to our office is a time for us to get to know you and determine your main concerns. We will ease your fears by giving you as much information as needed to help you feel comfortable. Each member of our team is friendly and accessible, and we encourage our patients and parents to ask questions. We believe that patients will feel more comfortable if they know what to expect and are well informed of a procedure before it occurs.

When you arrive at our Katy, Texas office, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members who will take you on a tour of our office and make sure you feel welcome and comfortable.  We will look at your medical and dental histories and take a few digital photographs of your teeth. These photographs are used to identify and discuss any orthodontic problems that are present.

After the photographs are taken, Dr. Medina will perform a careful examination. She will evaluate many things relating to your face, your smile, and the fit of your teeth. This thorough exam helps Dr. Medina determine what type of treatment will benefit you most. She will provide a complete clinical diagnosis, a written summary of her findings. We will then work together to create the best treatment plan for you and discuss fees, general payment options and insurance benefits.

Following your exam, if treatment is needed, it could start right away, or Dr. Medina may suggest you are placed into an observation phase where our team will follow your growth and development to determine the appropriate time for treatment. The timing of orthodontic treatment will depend on the developmental stage of the teeth and jaws along with the severity of the problem.

Whether you’ll be beginning treatment now or later, this first orthodontic visit is the best time to ask any questions you have about the orthodontic process. Our treatment coordinator will review the treatment options available and help you understand what to expect during the different stages of your orthodontic care.

Trust your smile to a qualified orthodontic expert like Dr. Liana Medina. If you haven’t already scheduled an initial consultation with Medina Orthodontics, call our office today and take the first step towards the smile you’ve always wanted!


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