Wednesday, December 7, 2022

You Are Not Too Old For Braces

Orthodontic treatment is no longer just for teens. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists says that one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21. Many adults are choosing to receive treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health, and they want to feel better about their appearance. Adults everywhere are taking advantage of the opportunity to receive orthodontic care, and you can too.

The biological process involved in tooth movement is the same for both children and adults. Although childhood is the ideal time to make changes in the positioning of the teeth, if you are healthy, your teeth can be straightened at any age.

As an adult, the thought of having braces may be discouraging. However, if you are like many of the adults we see, you’ve probably been dealing with crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or a poorly aligned bite for most of your life and these problems raise more than cosmetic concerns.

Crowded or overlapping teeth can be difficult to clean, making tooth decay and gum disease more likely. Teeth that don't come together properly when you close your jaws can cause chewing and swallowing problems. Poor tooth alignment can also make it difficult to pronounce certain sounds and can put excessive stress on your jaw muscles, causing facial pain.

Straight teeth are healthy teeth, which can help you avoid tooth loss and dentures later in life.

You might think your options for having your teeth fixed are limited, but today's orthodontic treatment options offer a variety of braces and appliances that are comfortable, aesthetic, and customized to meet your needs.

Traditional Silver Braces - These are the most common type of braces. Made of nickel-free high-grade steel, they are much smaller and more comfortable than those in the past.

Champagne Braces - Champagne-colored brackets are a blend in between Metal and Ceramic braces. The beautiful champagne finish blends seamlessly with teeth.

Clear or Ceramic Braces - Made of porcelain or ceramic, these brackets are tooth colored and are less noticeable than traditional silver brackets.

Invisalign Clear Aligners - A technique that straightens your teeth without braces, using a series of clear, removable aligners custom-modeled to fit your teeth

At Medina Orthodontics, we recognize that adults and children have dissimilar needs, and require a different level of attention and care. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment, and that your needs are met with understanding and respect from us.

To learn more about the benefits of adult orthodontics please contact our conveniently located office in Katy, TX to schedule an appointment. We understand that you have a busy schedule, and we will work with you to make sure each office visit is as convenient as possible.

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